Hi, minna-san! ^_^ Welcome to Luna-Kiss.net, the personal domain of me, Jaclyn Edwards. I've had this domain since May 25, 2006, and there are currently three subdomains, and one hostee.
Why "Luna-Kiss", you might ask? Simple. My dog (a black and tan Chihuahua) is named Luna. One night when I was brainstorming and kissing her little apple-head, I thought up this name. ^___^ And thus, it's named Luna-Kiss. <3 <33 <3!
This is the main directory of luna-kiss.net. That means that every site hosted here will be listed here. There's also some information on how to get hosted my me, and some personal info as well. Thanks for visiting L-Kiss today! <3 

My Sites

Currently, I have five online sites. Here's some brief info about each, and their links! <3

Juicy Dolls  --http://juicydolls.luna-kiss.net
I'm a doller/pixel artist, and so 'Juicy Dolls' is my personal pixel art gallery. :D There you will find my pixel dolls, bases, tutorials, contests, and much more! Please stop by and take a look. ^_^ <3

Thoughts --http://thoughts.luna-kiss.net
'Thoughts' is simply my weblog. So if you're interested in me (I don't know why you would be, but hey. ^^:) and my writings, please visit and read about my life, and the current things I'm doing. Leave me a comment, too! I don't update very much, though. x__x;

Amazing Grace --http://grace.luna-kiss.net
'Amazing Grace' is a weekly devotional site I run with my parents, centered on learning more about God, our awesome creator, and His will for our lives. Even if you aren't a Christian, I urge you to check it out. You will certainly be blessed if you do. :D

Kawaii Day Designs --http://luna-kiss.net/kdd
'Kawaii Day' is currently under construction. When it's up and running, this site will be my personal graphic art gallery, featuring premade layouts, wallpapers, tutorials and a lot more goodies to meet the needs of graphic artists and  web designers.


Tori no Uta --http://crimson.luna-kiss.net
This small mp3 rotation site belongs to my friend, Sora. :D  Go check it out, the music's awesome, and it has a great design! ^_^


Want to be hosted here? Great! Good news! I will host small, non-profit sites, such as personal sites, blogs, and mp3 rotation sites. Now listen carefully: If you are really interested about being hosted under L-kiss.net, send me an email telling my what kind of site you are aiming for, and why you want me to host you. Why should I host you? Also, don't forget to be personable and tell me a bit about yourself, too. I'll probably accept you fairly quickly, because I'm just that nice. :3 However, if you don't get a reply, that means I didn't exactly think you were right for L-kiss. So if you think you're up for it, email me at:
 +... juicysaku@hotmail.com ...+ Good luuuuck~ <3 <33

About the Webmiss

Name: Jackie
Nicknames: Blossom, Saku-sama, J.linne
Age: what's it to you?
Location: USA
Occupation: A leech!? ^__^;;;;;
Religion: Christian <3
Loves: My puppy, cheesecake, anime/manga, scarves and gloves, quiet, honesty, angel wings, reading, writing, sleeping, video games, stuffed pasta, sparkly things, autumn, quality time with my fam.
Hates: Liars, thieves, dark chocolate D:, airplane rides, feeling pain/being sick, elitists, crying, insects, rude kids, washing dishes, mathematics, people who bash religion, yaoi/yuri, noise.


This layout is to me, Saku-sama. It was made using Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and Notepad. The butterflies in this layout are from a brush set from The Magic Box [site dead]. Please don't take any images from this layout, for that would be stealing.
*The dollie up there is made by me, base is by Kawaii Hannah. :D